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The breakdown of a relationship is difficult and confusing. Dealing with emotional turmoil while trying to find your way through the maze of rules that govern family and divorce law, sorting out new living arrangements and making decisions that will have serious financial consequences for the future is not easy for anyone. At Henderson Heinrichs, we see our role as both that of a guide and advocate helping you to understand what is happening during this critical time and giving you the advice you need to explore your options and make informed decisions about how you want to move forward.

Sometimes the best route forward is via a negotiated settlement. However, sometimes you may need to go to court to protect yourself, your children and your rights. In either case we have the experience to explain the process and represent you during negotiations or at trial.

We see our role as both guide and advocate helping you to understand what is happening during this critical time...

Quick facts about Henderson Heinrichs

  • Our lawyers concentrate solely on family and divorce law.
  • Your first visit is free. When you meet with our family/divorce law lawyers for the first time, you are not charged for the visit. This gives you the opportunity to find out what we can do for you and consider your options with no pressure and no obligation.
  • There are time limitations that can affect your rights. In many family and divorce law issues, time restrictions play an important role. If you do not apply to the courts for relief quickly, you may not be allowed to at all. When you have a problem, find out as soon as possible whether time restrictions apply to your situation. It is always safer to be certain.

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Whether you need advice and assistance drafting a prenuptial agreement, negotiating a separation agreement, or representation in court – we can help you.

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Our lawyers are experienced dealing with the following family law matters:

Knowing your rights and obligations is the first step in figuring out how best to proceed when resolving any family law matter. Whether your issue concerns drafting a prenuptial agreement to protect your assets, petitioning for divorce, negotiating child custody and support or resolving other potentially contentious matters, we help you to understand what your choices are before you have to make any decisions.

Family law is changing. There is a trend towards mediation over litigation and collaboration over advocacy. As the party directly affected you are in the best position to decide what is right for you. Our job is to help you evaluate your options. If the facts in your case suggest a mediated settlement will benefit you, we’ll recommend you consider this option and help you through the negotiation process. However, there are circumstances when court intervention is necessary to ensure preservation of property and assets, ensure personal safety or to make a decision when the parties are not able to resolve the matter on their own. We can handle all of these kinds of cases.