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Child Support and Undue Hardship

Written by: Henderson Heinrichs LLP (View All Posts • View Bio) Published: May 18, 2017

Child Support is not optional

Most separating or separated parents are aware that child support is mandatory. Unfortunately, fewer parents are aware of how the court can and should reach a decision regarding how much child support they should pay. [...read full post]

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Virginia Richards

Top Tips for Form 8 Financial Statements

Written by: Virginia Richards (View All Posts • View Bio) Published: February 23, 2017

What exactly is a Form 8 and what is it meant to achieve?

A Form 8 Financial Statement is a Supreme Court form used in British Columbia by family law litigants to exchange financial information.  It has 6 parts: 1) [...read full post]

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Kevin Heinrichs

Documents Important in Divorce Proceedings, Part II

Written by: Kevin Heinrichs (View All Posts • View Bio) Published: February 14, 2017

In Part 1 of “Ten Documents You Should Keep Close If You’re Getting A Divorce”, we discussed the importance of documents in divorce proceedings including: financial account statements, property documents, marriage documents, corporate records and agreements, contracts and court [...read full post]

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