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I am dedicated to providing my clients with legal services tailored for their specific circumstances.

I obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree, with a Joint Specialist in Political Science and Philosophy, from the University of Toronto in 2005.

I attended the University of British Columbia for my Law degree, which I completed in 2008.  I spent my articling year at MacLean Family Law Group, another firm that focuses exclusively on family law.   I was called to the British Columbia Bar on May 4, 2009 and joined the Henderson Heinrichs team at the same time.  I have appeared in both the Provincial Court and Supreme Court of British Columbia on various family law matters.

Throughout my professional career I have focused exclusively on family law.  I understand the value of being able to negotiate fair settlements, and my negotiations have led to me drafting pre-nuptial agreements, co-habitation agreements, and separation agreements.  Despite the importance of negotiation, it is also important to have an advocate who is not afraid to stand up for your rights in Court if the need arises.  I am dedicated to providing my clients with  legal services tailored for their specific circumstances.  I firmly believe that the best thing you can do for yourself in a matrimonial dispute is find yourself committed legal counsel who are versed in all aspects of matrimonial law.  I am very pleased to be part of the team at Henderson Heinrichs, who all bring that dedication and focus to your case.

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